The Benefits Of Using Design-Build Approach

design build approach

Ever wonder why clients are switching to a design-build approach? Here are some of its benefits

Pinpoint Accountability

Unlike a traditional design bid build method, the design-build approach allows you to accurately pinpoint who’s accountable. It eliminates the middle-man and back/forth between designer, contractor, and architect. With this approach, you establish a relationship right from the beginning so that you can have a better course of cooperation moving forward.

Manage the Budget Closely

Once again, the design-build approach has a much more sensible way of problem-solving. When managing the budget, the last thing the owner wants is to go over budget. In the design-build approach, you discuss the budget during the design phase which helps manage the costs and keep them realistic.

Open/More Fluid Communication

When you have a professional designer and contractor working together at the same time, it allows for a more fluid communication. This ensures that any errors or problems that could occur during the project are avoided before it even starts.

Quicker Completion of Projects

Avoiding problems before they occur, increasing communication and reducing the bid time add up to a shorter timeline for project completion. When you have a solid design build approach in place, you eliminate unnecessary problems.

Much More Control of Overall Quality

Since everyone is working together cohesively, the project stays focus towards the client’s specific interests and goal. This allows for better quality control and more structure since you don’t have to worry about anyone trying to argue or disagree with things like material types.

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