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Sarah E. Goode STEM School

We were excited to take on the Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy project on the South Side of Chicago. Our staff members specialize in many different areas, and public and private schools are a big part of that. Similarly, we performed rain screen masonry for the University of Chicago lab schools, as you can see here. We have highlighted other Chicago masonry and construction work we’ve done for local schools in the past, and you can see all of our featured projects here. Continue reading “Sarah E. Goode STEM School”

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Chicago Architecture Biennial – Essential October Events

The Chicago Architecture Biennial, per its name, comes every other year. It’s a significant opportunity for our city to showcase and teach about the world-class architecture we have here. Architects, designers, artists, scholars, historians, and the public get together for a few months to discuss what they’re working on, what they do, and what they need to show the world.

Here are five events we’ve hand-picked from the public programs available this October. Continue reading “Chicago Architecture Biennial – Essential October Events”

Restoration vs. New Construction: a Cost Comparison

Are you trying to decide between restoration and a whole new building? Wondering what it’ll cost? We’re contractors. We’re here to advise.

Maybe you’re planning a new project, or you’re looking for a contractor. You might think the whole structure needs to be overhauled. You’re stressed about the budgets, the permits, the workload. But this is really rarely the case! Furthermore, restoration is often the best option when you’re on a tight deadline. As long as your foundation is safe and stable, we can renovate a façade to save you serious time and money. Continue reading “Restoration vs. New Construction: a Cost Comparison”

Beautiful Modern Concrete Architecture and Using the Design-Build Approach

We’re firm believers in collaboration. Coming together to create and restore buildings is exciting! Every team member can participate in their specialization. The result is often better than when handled by one single firm. With that in mind, we like to keep up with the work in all aspects of our business. Architecture, in particular, takes incredible skill and makes for beautiful art. Continue reading “Beautiful Modern Concrete Architecture and Using the Design-Build Approach”