Noel Buckner:

Starting as a Laborer and working his way up the ranks to an Estimator, Noel Buckner has taken his 32 years of experience in masonry construction to lead our Restoration Division with a keen eye for detail and a results oriented mindset. His 8 years teaching at IMI and 6 years serving as Secretary for the local 74 further strengthened his knowledge of Restoration Masonry, honing his vision for what needs to be done in order to drive ALL Masonry to the best it can be. Experience coupled with hands on management allows Noel to handle critical situations with ease.

Michael Cotton

Taking his Construction Management degree and combining it with 13 years of industry experience, Michael Cotton plays a pivotal role as a Project Manager at ALL Masonry. By overseeing builds to handling of any drawings and making corrections when necessary, he ensures that every project is delivered on time and on budget.

Kacey Motley

Facets of Masonry Construction can be complex, often requiring a variety of expertise in order to complete a project or task. Project Manager and Estimator Kacey Motley utilizes his diversified background to find solutions to some of our most complex projects. Kacey’s background includes his first 8 years spent in interior construction, then 6 years in general contracting, and now 4 years and counting in masonry construction. All of this is incorporated into how he handles the quantitative surveying for every project. His attention to detail and level of consistency are crucial in making sure the construction process goes well from start to finish.

Tim Blume

Working as a Project Manager/Estimator, Tim has worked on a wide range of projects from schools, government buildings, high rises, and much more. His education in architecture from Iowa State and more than 23 years of work at A.L.L. Masonry allows him to successfully bid and manage these different types of projects. Tim’s presence and work ethic set the standard for what to expect from any member on the team.

Blake Peter

With 25 years working as a mason and foreman, Blake Peter has taken this extensive knowledge and made himself a crucial team member for ALL Masonry. Blake is heading up the rain screen division of our company, a job that demands high standards and even better results. He’s been working as an Estimator and Project Manager for 5 years, which has allowed him to incorporate a unique skill set into each build and create solutions for any obstacle a job site may have.

Bill Powell

Since he started laying brick at 13 years old, Bill Powell has been intertwined with masonry construction. His stepfather had a masonry company, so his knowledge of the inner workings in the industry started at a very young age. Having owned a masonry company starting at the age of 22, Bill understands what it takes to make sure a masonry construction project is running successfully and efficiently. Taking his 45 years of experience and 30 hour OSHA card, he brings a level of know-how to his job as an Estimator and Project Manager that ALL Masonry finds essential to our business.

Arthur Ghiotto

Arthur’s extensive experience dates back to 1960, when he first started working as an apprentice. From there he worked his way up from a bricklayer, foreman, superintendent, and now the current Chief Estimator. His job requires a keen eye for detail, as he reviews every project and puts the final numbers on each one. He oversees the bidding and dollar spending while simultaneously tracking the money required for each build. After his retirement 9 years ago, Arthur realized that he wasn’t quite done with the masonry construction business. It was at this time that he came on board ALL Masonry, and his presence has been impactful ever since.

Mathew Briski

As the Controller at ALL Masonry, Mathew Briski plays a pivotal role in the company. His responsibilities range from financial statements, cost accounting, budgeting, safekeeping of company assets, and dealing with insurance/audits/taxes. His reports directly influence how the company operates on a daily basis, therefore, his credibility and accountability are at a premium. Working with ALL Masonry for 22 years, he’s consistently proved himself to be an important cog in the wheel. With 29 years in construction and 30 years in accounting, Mathew has made the most of his MBA from Roosevelt University and Bachelors in Finance from Northern Illinois University. His CPA Certification truly allows ALL Masonry the comfort in knowing our company is in the best hands possible.

Nicholas Parente

Working 40 years in General Contracting, Nicholas Parente has made a name for himself as an industry veteran whose knowledge and work-ethic help differentiate ALL Masonry as an industry leader. His credentials can be seen all over Chicago, with buildings like The Aqua, District 7 Police Station, Abraham Lincoln Elementary School, and Graduate Hotels just to name a few. As the Director of Preconstruction, Nicholas plays a substantial role in the company’s General Contracting division. By handling estimates, negotiation conditions, value engineering, and more, he makes sure each general contracting project starts and ends as smoothly as possible.

Cynthia Delatorre

Working as an Administrative Assistant for 16 years at ALL Masonry, Cynthia Delatorre provides help with accounts payable, works with orders for mortar, enters invoices, and handles all the phone calls. Her high energy and positive mindset sets the tone for the office that keeps operations running efficiently.

Elida Betancourt

While her title is Office Manager, Elida Betancourt does so much more for the company that it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact description. For 33 years, Elida has managed the union reports, workman’s comp, legal issues and a variety of other tasks for the 400+ employees at ALL Masonry. Her interests lie in the success of the company, which is why her Human Resource position is such a critical part of how business is handled at ALL Masonry.

Erica Puig

After graduating with a Business and Economics Degree in 2011 at Monmouth College, Erica Puig began working as a Support Accountant at ALL Masonry. Since then, she’s provided an indeterminable amount of help in regards to the accounting department of ALL Masonry. From helping with day-to-day cash activities, financial statements, and safekeeping of company assets, her can-do attitude has made the workload of those around her much more efficient.

Luis Puig

Following the foundation his father, Luis Puig Sr., laid down, Luis Puig set to make his mark in the masonry construction industry. After graduating from Bradley University in 1986 with a degree in Construction Engineering, Luis went right to work for ALL Masonry. Starting as an Estimator, then Project Manager, Luis became President of the company in 2014. Since then, he’s dedicated his efforts to creating a sustainable business model that spurs positive change for the city of Chicago. In 2016 the Chicago Cubs recognized this hard work when they announced ALL Masonry the recipient of the 10th Annual Jackie Robinson Most Valuable Diverse Business Partner. The award recognizes businesses that who reflect Jackie Robinson’s character and commitment to excellence and continue to break barriers. This award reflects the culmination of perseverance and determination that Luis and ALL Masonry as a whole have been striving towards ever since his father started the company in 1962.